Cloud 9 Art School Registration Form

REGISTRATION You must register in advance for all workshops and classes. To ensure placement, all registrations must be complete and include payment. Classes which fail to meet minimum enrollment one week prior to the start of class will be cancelled. HOW TO REGISTER You can register and pay online and then bring in the completed first two pages of the registration form on the first day of class. Or you can email the instructor to register and then bring in the completed first two pages of the registration form with your payment on the first day of class. Instructor emails and website links for questions and or registering are listed on Cloud 9’s website. Both the registration form and payment must be received by the first day of class. PAYMENT FOR CLASSES Payment for classes and workshops is always due on the first class of the month or workshop. REGISTRATION AGREEMENT Submission of the registration form constitutes the registrant’s acceptance of all terms and conditions stated in this form, thereby discharging and holding harmless Cloud 9, Cloud 9 instructors, et al, and granting permission for use of student images and art work for promotional purposes. Submission of registration also implies an acknowledgment of an agreement to the cancellation policy listed in this document. Cloud 9 and its instructors reserve the right to cancel any class or workshop, in which case applicants will receive a refund of fees paid for that class or workshop. In the event that an instructor is unable to perform his/her duties as originally scheduled, said instructor reserves the right to reschedule any class or workshop, without refund to the student. In the event of unreasonable conduct, instructors reserve the unconditional right to terminate a student’s enrollment without refund.

All classes, workshops and camps must be paid in full at time of registration. For ongoing classes (such as after school weekly classes) monthly fees will be paid in full at the first week of the month. If full payment is not made by the first class of the month, the student may temporarily be removed from the class roster until their account is brought current. If account remains past due as of the 10th of the month, student will be withdrawn from the class. If student misses lessons(s) due to non-payment, it will not be made up or refunded. Please note that your monthly tuition pays for a specific, monthly, recurring time slot as opposed to a specific number of lessons. Regarding missed classes: there is no credit for missed classes. Just like signing up for classes at the YMCA or college classes, the full fee is due regardless of missed classes. You may cancel your lesson but tuition is non-refundable. Declined payments will be assessed a $25 fee. Full payment and the $25 declined payment fee must be paid in full at the first class. Extra charges for supplies of any kind are to be paid in advance.
In an effort to prevent distraction, parents and caregivers are asked to leave the classroom during class. Respectful behavior is expected at all times. Students who prove to be continual distractions in the class, after repeated attempts by the instructor to refocus them, will be dismissed from the class.
Be respectful of each other
. Be responsible for your own behavior.
 Listen to your instructor.
 Stay with your group
. Try your best
. Have fun!!
Please encourage your child to use the restroom prior to class. Parents of children too young to attend the restroom unattended must remain in the lobby, in case their child needs their assistance, throughout the entire class time.
Please arrive at the studio a few minutes before your class. Late arrivals cause distraction. If, for some reason you are delayed, please expect to end your lesson on time. If instructor arrives late, the time will be made up. Parents are asked to not wait in the art classes during class time. Please do not drop your kids off to Cloud 9 earlier than five minutes before class begins and please be punctual to pick up your kids after class. There are other art classes before and after your child’s classes and we need to give other teachers and students time to set up between classes. Please be waiting for your child when they are dismissed from class at the scheduled time. Children must be picked up in a timely fashion. After 5 minutes from the ending time of class, a late pick-up fee will be assessed at $1 per minute. If a child is allowed to walk home alone, parents or guardians must provide a letter of permission. Cloud 9 instructors are not responsible for supervising your child outside of class time.
Students should dress in casual and comfortable clothing that can get messy. Cloud 9 and its instructors are not responsible for damaged clothing. Please dress appropriately for working in an artistic environment. The studio is full of many materials which students may come in contact with even when they are not using them in their own class. Students will most likely get a little messy and some of the media we work with may stain. Please have your child dress for mess!
If an instructor becomes ill or is unable to teach class on a particular day, the class will be canceled, students will be notified via email and a credit will be issued to the student's account. In the event of inclement weather, instructors may cancel class and Cloud 9 may close the school entirely to avoid putting you or your child in an unsafe situation. If the Northshore School District has cancelled school due to inclement weather, then Cloud 9 will also be closed and no refund or make up classes will be given. If the closure is uncertain, parents should call or email the instructor to confirm a class prior to coming in. When possible, alerts will be emailed to students and or their parents.
Missed classes, workshops or camps will not be reimbursed and may not be credited toward future classes or workshops. For ongoing classes, your tuition pays for a specific, monthly, recurring time slot as opposed to a specific number of lessons. You may cancel your lesson but tuition is non-refundable.
To withdraw a student from ongoing classes, please notify instructors prior to the beginning of the following month. Most classes have a waiting list and instructors will be able to open up your spot to other students before the new month begins. Refunds for withdrawals are available only, less a $20 processing fee, if notification of withdrawal is received ten (10) or more days prior to the start of the class or two (2) weeks prior to a workshop or camp. No portion of the fees will be refunded to registrants who withdraw less than ten (10) days prior to the beginning of the class or less than two (2) weeks prior to a workshop or camp. No portion of workshop fees will be refunded or credited after the first class.
Participants give permission to Cloud 9 and its instructors to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs which may include images of artwork, events and or students for purposes of promoting the programs of both Cloud 9 and its instructors.
I hereby waive, release and discharge any and all claims and damages for personal injury, death, or property damage which I, or my minor children, may sustain or which may occur as a result of my own participation, or that of my minor children, in classes and other activities. I further understand and agree that: 1 This release is intended to discharge in advance the Cloud 9 Art School, its officers, employees, independent contractors, and agents from and against any and all liability, except for their sole negligence or intentional acts, connected in any way with my participation or my minor children’s participation in Cloud 9 Art School activities; 2 Such classes and activities may be of a hazardous, strenuous, and/or physical nature, and participation in said activities may result in injury, death or property damage; !8 3 Knowing the risk involved, nevertheless, I voluntarily request permission for myself or my minor child to participate in said activities; 4 I hereby assume any and all risks of injury, death or property damage and to release and hold harmless Cloud 9 Art School, its officers, employees, independent contractors & agents, except for their sole negligence or intentional acts; 5 This waiver, release and assumption of risk is binding on me and my heirs and assigns; 6 I will indemnify and hold Cloud 9 Art School harmless from any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense, including litigation, which it may incur as a result of any injury and/or property damage which myself or my minor children may sustain while participating in said activities; 7 I will compensate any loss, damage, or cost Cloud 9 Art School may incur if any litigation arises due to any claim made by myself, said minors, or by anyone on said minor’s behalf; 8 In the event that said minor requires medical or surgical treatment while under the supervision of Cloud 9 Art School personnel or independent contractors in connection with said activities, such supervisor may authorize treatment; 9 I will pay all medical, hospital, or other expenses which I or my minor children may incur as a result of such treatment; 10 Activities are not child care as defined by the State of Washington; 11 Cloud 9 Art School is not responsible for unattended children on the premises before or after classes for which they are enrolled; 12 I expressly allow, and hereby waive any objection to, the Cloud 9 Art School photographing and/or videotaping of me and/or my minor children when I and/or my minor children are participating in Cloud 9 Art School programs; !9 13 I understand and agree that all photographs and videotapes will remain the property of Cloud 9 Art School, and that the Cloud 9 Art School may use such photographs or videotapes for archival and promotional purposes, including their use in Cloud 9 Art School catalogs, brochures, other printed materials, and in Cloud 9 Art School online web pages and social media. Cloud 9 Art School will take all necessary precautions to keep names and ages of participants confidential unless otherwise requested. I certify that I have custody or am the legal guardian of said minors by court order, and that I and my minor children are physically able to participate in the described activities. I have carefully read this Waiver of Liability, Medical Release, Photography/Videotape Release and Indemnification Agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between myself and Cloud 9 Art School and that I sign it of my own free will. Cloud 9 Art School may accept future phone, mail, online, or in-person registrations under these provisions. I agree to such terms.